My name is Luka and I love to work on web applications and other things built on open and accessible technologies. My experience covers working with Javascript and web technologies for about a decade, on both frontend and backend projects.

I started working on the web in times when jQuery, Less & Sass CSS were in the making. Most of the backend stuff was running on PHP and Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB etc. Most of the social sites were forums. Node.js was nowhere in sight, and NoSQL DBs were nowhere to be found. Containerized services were not a thing. Most of the people working on custom emails designs were burned out. Internet Explorer was the reason some development tasks made you pull out your hair. Anybody remembers acronyms WAMP, MAMP..., maybe FTP?

You get the picture :)

I've been through enough of it to understand where the web came from technology wise, and to appreciate where we are at the moment and where we are headed. I made it through enough hype cycles that I understand that you sometimes need a low pass filter for some of the tech news and communities.

This website is a kind of a blowoff valve for me :). I'll write about things that I think are really great, and about some that I think need to be improved. Hopefully I'll also be able to offer some advice on solving problems and rethinking things and approaches from time to time🤞. This website will also serve the purpose of linking my social/work profiles and projects I'm working on to make it easier to connect with others and share my thoughts and work.

See you on the WWW!