PRs for Organizing File Hierarchy

Tldr: be swift :)

I just wanted to mention 2 things I noticed helping with file hierarchy refactors.

Stick to only file organization and imports

This makes it easier to do code reviews, check and spot import misreferences etc. It'll also make things easier to revert, or discard the work altogether

Put priority on this kind of PRs

This type of PRs can bring chaos to reviews and merge process of new branches if they stay open for too long. You typically want to do the review and merge back to the source branch as soon as possible.
The most common problem with this kind of PRs is when someone else decides to work on the same files that no longer exist under a certain path. When merging code changes with a branch that changed file paths it's too easy to overlook code changes and lose them by just accepting the file location change. This can be time-consuming to troubleshoot afterwards. It's much easier to spot this if a PR that does the file organization is merged sooner rather than later.